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Clean Energy, Clean Water

Neochloris®, Inc. specializes in clean energy and clean water technologies. Our portfolio includes carbon mitigation, alternative energy, and water purification technologies:

  • Neochloris®: Ground-breaking technology that sequesters carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel fired power plants and other industrial sources or directly from the atmosphere and produces biofuel by means of algae (patent pending)

  • SCADAR™: An intelligent, cloud based computer system that monitors and analyzes real-time water treatment plant data, learns from historical plant performance, alerts plant personnel in advance regarding any process failures, and undertakes automatic response actions (patented)

  • BioCoil™: Early warning system to detect toxic substances of concern in municipal and industrial sewers (patented)

  • OmniFloat™: Anaerobic treatment technology for industrial wastewaters (patented)

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